Natural Kit Co. Ltd.

Natural Kit Co. Ltd. is a skincare products distributor and brand owner based in Hong Kong created by Kit.  Her passion for cosmetic formulations, diverse sourcing experience and product development skills are the driving force behind her founding Natural Kit Co. Ltd.

Kit’s story starting from a beautiful city in Norway chasing back to 2008  –  walking into the forests of Norway, seeing flowers, grass, trees, fruits, insects…  blueberries that can be picked everywhere, small wild flowers were full of vitality.  The mirror-like lake was quiet and peaceful.  It reflected the blue sky and rocks stood still elegantly. The nature was just still there that could only hear the fish bubbles sound.  “No Excessive” elements nor any impurities.  This stunning scenery was in Kristiansand, a city in Southern Norway which totally inspired Kit deeply. 

After years of gestation, the concept evolved into practice.  Kit started her skincare brand NBBKit in 2018.  NBBKit product series are developed to suit the region.  Each unique series are developed (whatever is needed to create product solution + actives +/ something botanical +/ essential oil + avoid controversial ingredients)  for people with specific needs  and the solution in different seasons. 

Natural Kit Products Quality

All Natural Kit distribution brands & NBBKit products are up to the international GMP standard.